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If you're wondering what there is to do in the area, here you go!

Mount Snow - Largest most southern ski mountian in Vermont

Hermitage - Formerly Haystack

Deerfield Valley Events - Area Event Calendar

VAST - Snowmobile club

Mount Snow Valley - Site about Deerfield Valley

MOOVER - The Moover is the town bus system, a good source for info on area destinations.

Manchester - Shoppers paradise

Bromley- Great family mountian summer or winter

Stratton - 30 miles from the chalet

Make sure to eat at Dot's and the Wahoo Eatery in Wilmington, climb to the fire tower at Molly Stark State Park, climb Mount Haystack and Mount Snow, do the Bromley slide from 10 to 1 on a weekday (special ticket, small lines, but check ahead by phone to make sure all three slides are operating), buy your syrup in gallons at a family roadside stand, refrigerate after opening or it will mold, boil it and skim off the mold if that happens, and you'll have a great time.

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